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Mexico's blue agave spirit

krhys maxwell at a cantina

Khrys Maxwell


Director of Tequila and Agave Distillates Curation and Education


Grilling with Tequila! A Summer Fiesta with Khrys & the Firehouse Gourmet


Sunday Jul 11 4p - 5:30p EDT

Please join us for an afternoon of fun deliciousness while grilling and imbibing!

Photo Aug 07, 8 13 11 AM

Tequila Tour: Field to Bottle


From the agave field to the distillation tank, to the bottle

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What is: Mezcal? Raicilla? Bacanora? Destilado de Agave? Sotos?


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Khrys' Tequila Bar

TEQUILA 101 4 Part Series: History, Agriculture, Production, Recommendations

La Corfidia

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Tequila Bar Turquoise

Maxwell's Merry Mezcal Cantina

khrys at a cantina

Virtual Tequila Cantina

tequilaglass - khrys

Celebrate Tequila with Margarita Tuesday