Museum of Distilled Spirits

The first-of-its-kind museum offering virtual tours, storytelling exhibits and interactive educational events focusing on all distilled spirits.

Upcoming Event Programs

Brandy cocktail

BRANDY: The Story of the First Distilled Fruit Elixir told in Drinks


Friday Apr 16 7p - 8:30p EDT

Brandy, the first distilled spirit, is seeing an amazing revival all over the world. We’ll discuss how brandy came to be incorporated in classic cocktails and show you how to make them like a pro.

Los Altos

Lets Go to Mexico Part 4! Distilleries of Los Altos Tour Today!


Sunday Apr 25 4p - 6p EDT

We will visit the towns of Atotonilco, Jesus Maria, & Tepatitlan and the distilleries of Siete Leguas, Simbolo, El Pandillo, & San Matias.

The Gin Room Gin Pic 14



Monday Apr 26 7:30p - 9p EDT

This is an incredible opportunity for you to get recommendations from a world-renown, Gin Hall of Fame expert. You won't want to miss this!

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