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The juniper berry spirit

Natasha at the Gin Room

Natasha Bahrami


Director of Gin Curation and Education

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Gin Tour: Berry to Bliss


The spirit of gin lies at the intersection of art and distillation. Learn about the first demographically inclusive spirit.

Recent Gin Events

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The Storytellers of American Craft Gin

Natasha Barrel Aged

A Dive Into Barrel Aged Gins

Natasha offering martini

The Culture & Infamy of Vermouth: PART 3 VERMOUTH & GIN CULTURE

Negroni May Class

The Bitter Sweet Negroni : A Seminar

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GIN 101 4 Part Series: History, Agriculture, Production, Recommendations

Gin & Cognac Event

Dueling French 75’s A Gin & Cognac Event

Tom Collins

The Mighty Simple Tom Collins

Genever Compilation

A Celebration of Genever: An Evening with Veronique Van Acker-Beittel

Dale in The Gin Room

Welcome to The Gin Room

Natasha offering martini

Natasha Bahrami presents the Art of the Martini