The Museum of Distilled Spirits is a tech startup dedicated to the cultural heritage of distilled spirits through the storytelling method of integrating content created by industry experts with the experiences of our audience resulting in compelling event programming. The Museum of Distilled Spirits is unique in that nothing like it exists anywhere on the planet. Founded in academic research conducted at Harvard University between 2017 and 2020, the development team (many of whom hold advanced degrees from Ivy League Universities) includes industry leaders with decades of successful innovation experience in the fields of museums, business, architecture, law, technology and distilled spirits. The Museum of Distilled Spirits is a place where adults from all demographics are welcome to enjoy a favorite distilled spirit while learning about the significant role alcohol has played in world history.

Architectural design and plans in hand, in March of 2020 we submitted an offer to purchase land to build the bricks and mortar project the very week the global pandemic changed everything.


Welcome to our pandemic pivot: A virtual Museum of Distilled Spirits.The Museum of Distilled Spirits exists to serve its audience, that of a global community who belong by a desire to share spirits. We strive to create spaces where we can connect with one another in transformative experiences...and have the time of our lives.


A bricks and mortar Museum of Distilled Spirits.


To welcome the community that has an appreciation for brandy, gin, rum, tequila, vodka, and whiskey to share their stories while inspiring awareness of the significance of distilled spirits to America’s cultural heritage in a celebratory, innovative, multisensory experience.


To create an engaging storytelling environment where the audience is encouraged to share themselves in a place of community thus reflecting the original purpose for alcohol: to heal.